Think about the moment in which your compass needle is trying to find out the right direction to go to not get lost …well, that was me at that time!

I did not even know what was happening into my life at that point. I felt so lonely and empty. I felt the need to change something inside myself and into my life! I didn’t like the way I was appearing to people around me, neither I was liking looking to myself in the mirror!

That’s the reason why I decided that day to buy a one-way plane ticket. . . I did not have any special destination into my mind... I just wanted to breathe fresh new air, to feel free. 

During my travel I’ve been to several magnificent places. The sky, the nature, the landscapes around me gave me unique vibrant emotions.

Sometimes though, during my journey, loneliness was killing me still, because we are weak souls who feed themselves on the presence of continuous affection, on familiar perfumes, on the sense of comfort of our everyday life…and I was missing that part of my life!

But despite all this and although by the end of the day I was so tired because of the hard walking distances, every morning I was surprisingly waking up with a new light into my eyes, I was daily finding into myself kind of an excitement that was pushing me hard to get up and go outside there, to discover all the beauties of the world!

So, I lived in complete harmony together with nature and with the open-air world I needed! I learned new cultures, danced a lot, ate strange good stuff, sang with unknown people…

The energy coming out from these amazing people I met was running into my veins like lifeblood!

It was incredible to be part of all this scenario , colorful people running to go to work, people sitting on a bench admiring nature performing his show, children playing together in the street, passionate tour guides sharing their knowledge for that monument or city in such an emotional way… all this people, all together with their eyes and their smile made me feel finally incredibly in peace with my soul and myself.

And then one special night came up, that moment in which THE person changed my life forever for good.

I was looking up to the northern lights in the sky when my eyes crossed his eyes. I cannot describe the beauty of his charming face looking into my eyes. What a magic atmosphere I was living... those eyes were reflecting the infinite shades of that vanilla sky over us! He smiled at a me and I was too way embarrassed to keep that eyes connection between us on but I than decided to live that moment without limits…it was like in a fairytale, our bodies started to merge into one same soul, I was feeling so desirable and attractive, my mind was flying away, my hands were trembling for such passion I was so lucky to feel in that moment! I was there, he was there, this was our moment, this was US!

That coffee at six in the morning was the natural consequence of a so magical night full of passion and desire spent together with THE man.

He was the perfect one to me! His way of talking, of smiling, of looking straight into my eyes was something so special!

He made me feel so confident with myself, so beautiful and passionate to life from that day on, so I started to look out for myself and to dedicate always more time to my new me, so that I could ‘ve been even more attractive and charming to his eyes and to all other people eyes, I started to feel the beauty of the world and the beauty of people around me, I was feeling loved and admired!

 Thanks to this journey I changed a lot, I gave such a positive turn to myself and to my life, I was intended to spread the world all the beauty I could! That mirror in the past I was afraid to look into it, was now one of my favorite friend, it was reflecting the splendors of a new life!

Have you ever heard about the meaning of "touching the sky with a finger"? Well, I discovered these words meaning thanks to my travel, thanks to the man I met, that consequently lead me to know myself so much better and to even be surprised about my real beauty!

We were intended to live our lives crossing around the world together, we took for granted we would always have been there one for the other, we will always be good…for life!

I was incredibly happy and satisfied with my life, my new life in colors!

 And then… “coming back time “moment was there, waiting for me as an important part of my journey, the journey in which you really understand the experience you made, so you could give the right value to everything you went through.

Once back home, at the beginning I was afraid about falling again into the sadness I was living before the journey …

But this time it was different, I was feeling inside myself such a joy and self-confidence, so that I started to find out the best way to share all this beauty I experienced to the world, to make people be even more happy and beautiful!

I decided to put down together all the emotions I lived in one project, I was looking to find the right way to show people that the world is varied, it is alive, it is colorful, so it’s just…if we know how to grasp the nuances it gives us, we could really live a special life!

Because each of us is unique and need to be outstanding and take advantage of the beauty in the world!

 I have changed a lot thanks to my journey, by the end of the day though it is always me but a new me, self-confident, optimistic, beautiful, in love with life… I can finally say…that I ADORE myself!